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Mid-Eastern Cold Storage Keeps Perishables Fresh from Farms and Processing Plants to Tables Around the World.

In the world of deep-freeze operations, it can be hard to tell one freezer-storage company from another. Each has its dock, its receiving doors – most, with seals. Each has its refrigeration units – some, charged with environmentally responsible Freon. Each, its racks and its free-stacks. And each one is in the business of delivering the same product: Below Zero temperatures.

Forklift in Blast FreezerBut if you put on your parka and gloves and take a look inside a public refrigerated storage facility, you will see why some operations are better qualified to maintain your perishable goods at optimum marketable condition than others.

Mid-Eastern Cold Storage has what many of its competitors lack: Blast Freezing – four rooms, in fact, capable of producing air temperatures that reach -20° F.

Mid-Eastern also has the strategic location, logistics support, IQF capabilities, and inventory management systems that have made it the choice of numerous purveyors of fresh produce, meat, poultry, and fish as well as finished-goods producers since its founding in 1973. To find out more, navigate to the pages that interest you. Or have a company principal contact you within 24 hours by using our convenient contact form.